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'El Dios Serpiente' Limited Edition Print

'El Dios Serpiente' Limited Edition Print

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Unleash the Power of "El Dios Serpiente" (The Serpent God) - A Majestic Guardian for Your Home

Behold the majestic presence of "The Serpent God". With her powerful gaze, this divine serpent embodies wisdom and all-seeing knowledge. As a maternal protector, she watches over her domain, ensuring the safety and harmony of your home. Embrace her fierce and nurturing spirit as she stands guard, ready to shield you from any harm and bring serenity to your space.

  • Striking portrayal of a serpent deity: Symbolises wisdom, protection, and an all-encompassing presence.
  • Each artwork is hand-painted and lovingly recreated using the highest quality printing processes
  • High-quality printing processes: Ensures long-lasting beauty and a realistic, hand-painted textured appearance.
  • Printed on 230gsm matte fine art paper for durability and quality. Bright surface adds depth and authenticity to the artwork
  • Unframed 
  • A1 size (23.4 x 33.1 inches)
  • A2 size (16.5 x 23.4 inches)
  • Please note that the colour of the print on your screen may differ slightly from the actual print you receive.
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