Our Story

At Paradise House, we understand that a house is far more than just bricks and mortar – it's where the tapestry of your one precious life unfolds. Our journey began with Creative Director Jamie Davidson's deep exploration of her South American heritage. Drawing from the values instilled by the long line of wise South American women in her family. Realising how this South American way of living mirrors so closely our coastal lifestyle here in Australia, the spark for Paradise House was ignited.

What We Stand For

Paradise House is a celebration of self-expression, passion, pleasure, and the warm embrace of hospitality. We're here to empower you to curate sacred spaces that reflect your individuality.

Our Mantra

Our mantra is simple yet profound: Embrace the Bliss of Existence. We're here to remind you to savour every moment, to find beauty in the everyday, and to cultivate an environment that resonates with your soul.

Why Paradise House?

We offer limited edition artworks in varying sizes, carefully created to elevate your spaces. Our seasonal collections, are designed to effortlessly complement each other, creating visually captivating gallery walls or standing alone as a unique statement piece. Our fine art reproductions are meticulously reproduced using top-tier techniques and papers, retaining the texture and vibrance of the original brush strokes.

Transforming Spaces, Elevating Lives

Paradise House is more than a store; it's a pathway to turning your house into a cherished home. We're dedicated to enhancing your life and space by helping you craft unique and sacred environments that elevate your space and your spirit.

Join us on this journey!


Bienvenida a la Casa del Paraiso

Welcome to Paradise House.







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